Weddings with Holy Guacamole

Weddings, expensive, stressful and emotionally charged events that we have all been a part of at some stage in our lives…

Although we cant help you with the stress, what we can do is help you with the cost.

Want to know a trade secret? Caterers know people planning weddings are;

  1. suddenly cash flush
  2. a little stressed and keen to get everything sorted
  3. just glad that they can pay people to do the things they wont have time to do (ie prepare food)

When you are looking to feed 40 or 70 or even 130 people, the costs associated with dinner for
your guests can get pretty steep.=

Imagine you’re quoted $60 per person for a sit down dinner or buffet.
If you have only 50 people attending you are looking at $3000 And that excludes drinks, and hired glasses, and hired tables and …

Wouldn’t you rather save that money for your honeymoon in Bali?

So heres how we can help you.

We will cater for your wedding.

We only charge the regular menu prices for our food and only add on additional costs like hireage, transport and additional staff.

For example, we recently catered to a wedding that had just over 100 guests.

Once the guests had been fed, sometimes twice, and we had added the additional costs of $500 to the total, the cost per guest was still less than $20 per head Win win for us, win win for you.

Times are changing, people are increasingly looking to have a more casual vibe at their weddings, to save money and to have just as good a time on their special day.

As well as our normal menu items, we can also offer Mexican tapas and shared plates.

If you think you would like us to cater for your special day, please contact us for further information and availability.